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Creates a release on a CodePlex project site.

		ProjectFriendlyName="My Project Friendly Name"
		Description="Release description"
	<Output PropertyName="ReleaseId" TaskParameter="ReleaseId"/>
	<Output PropertyName="ReleaseName" TaskParameter="ReleaseName"/>
	<Output PropertyName="ReleaseUrl" TaskParameter="ReleaseUrl" />

Input Properties

Name Description Type Required Default
Project The name of the project String true null
ProjectFriendlyName This is a "Friendly" name of the project, used for part of the release name String true null
Description A description of the release String true null
Username Your codeplex username String true null
Password Your codeplex password String true null
Version The release version string. Used for part of the release name String true null
IsDefaultRelease Indicates whether this release is the default release Boolean false false
IsShownToPublic Indicates whether this release is visible to the public Boolean false false
Status The state of the release Enum[Alpha|Beta|Stable|Planning] false Stable
ReleaseDate The date of the release DateTime false DateTime.Now
Timeout The amount of time, in seconds, before the upload process will timeout. Integer false 300
TreatErrorsAsWarnings If an error occurs, and true, then it will display a warning boolean false false
ProxyHost The name of the proxy server String false null
ProxyPost The port of the proxy server Integer false 8080
ProxyUser The username to use for proxy authentication String false null
ProxyPassword The password to use for proxy authentication String false null

Output Properties

Name Description Type
ReleaseId The ID of the created release Integer
ReleaseName The full name of the release (used with CodePlexUpload) String
ReleaseUrl The url to the release String

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